Our mission is to provide high-quality HEMP products that guarantee consistent efficacy and trusted ingredients. Hemp Taffy was founded on the principle of providing our customers with simply-made and effective HEMP products. Hemp Taffy uses a “small batch” approach when making their products as well as all-natural ingredients and standardized manufacturing processes. The result is a quality product that has the highest absorption and potency on the market and is free of harmful contaminants and additives.
Hemp Taffy’s products provide endocannabinoid stimulation to treat a variety of conditions. Hemp Taffy is also more than a brand. It is a movement toward better, self-regulation in the market. It invites its customers to be part of a process that connects them not only to the products but also the method they are made by as if they sourced the product themselves. Our trusted process provides products that can be used without the fear of contaminants and with increased efficacy.
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Meet our people

Suzie Salah

Suzie Salah

Wife of Don Ballou, Student at University of South Florida majoring in Psychology & Nutrition, joined Hemp Essence in late 2017, with 10+ years of experience in healthcare, health & wellness, and nutrition.
Don Ballou

Don Ballou

Founder & Chief of Manufacturing
B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology founded Hemp Essence in 2014, life-long experience in health & wellness, nutrition, & health food research. Hemp, he personally names is his healthy calling.
Robert Emma

Robert Emma

Managing Partner
Started with Hemp Essence Inc. in 2017. Career Entrepreneur & technologist with 2 successful exits as well as 8 years of experience in start-up operations, marketing, and digital strategy. He also served as a PowerApps PM for Microsoft Corporation.
Why Hemp Taffy is better than Gummies?

Created for maximum absorption

Inside every piece of taffy are nourishing organic Hemp hemp-extracts and natural flavoring oils. Unlike gummies that you simply swallow, our taffy is also uniquely designed for slow chewing which allows for maximum absorption through the mouth. The natural flavors especially the mint goes to work providing a refreshing taste while calming your nerves and reducing the upset stomach and dry mouth symptoms. Formulated for fast absorption with zero psychoactive components, you’ll love the relief Hemp Taffy provides.

Why Choose Us

Our edibles are infused with delicious tasting natural flavoring extracts during the production process, making it easy to chew and enjoy throughout the day. We’ve designed our edibles with the purest hemp oil extracts to ensure you get the most out of every bite. Unlike gummies that you simply swallow, our taffy is also uniquely designed for slow chewing which allows for maximum absorption through the mouth.

Each batch of Hemp Taffy includes the highest quality all-natural ingredients and flavors. It’s made with just 5 simple based ingredients, it’s Pesticide/Metal/Artificial Flavor and GMO-Free and Vegetarian Friendly, unlike Hemp gummies made from animal by products.

Hemp Taffy contains full-spectrum hemp instead of isolate. Why does that matter? Because if you’re looking to by Hemp edibles online, you might notice that most don’t advertise full-spectrum oil extracts. To get the greatest relief from your daily Hemp, your body requires full-spectrum ingredients. That’s what you’ll get with Hemp Taffy.

Whether you’re looking for dye-free, chemical free Hemp edibles, a better tasting chewable, or simply want to maximize the relief you enjoy, Hemp Taffy simply is the world’s best Hemp edible. Get fast-acting relief every time you choose our product and stay happy and healthy!

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QR Codes to View Lab Test

Every bag has a QR with an expiration and lot

Organic 150x150 Pink

100% Pure & Organic

Gluten-Free 150x150 Pink


Non-GMO 150x150 Pink


Co2 150x150 Pink

CO2 Extracted

(Safest & Healthiest Way)

No Preservatives 150x150 Pink

No Chemicals

Lab Tested 150x150 Pink

3rd Party Lab Tested